Deep Thoughts

Back when this site was hosted on/by Blogger, its utilitarian design lent itself to shorter posts. Now that it has a new name, and new digs, I have this feeling that every post should really count. Have I lived up to that? Not at all. But I can tell you that I am far less inclined to do short posts about random things now than I was before. In an attempt to break away from that, I bring you today's offering, made of things I've been thinking about, none of which I've had the ability to make into full-length posts (in part because many simply don't warrant it).

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wind tunnel testing and washing machine testing. An interview with Graeme Raeburn about Rapha's work for Team Sky.

How does a company like Rapha take on the challenge of designing and producing kit for one of the sport's biggest teams? + More

Still on the road. From racing bikes and battling opponents, to driving taxis and fighting traffic.

An unusually high number of retired Colombian riders still find themselves on the road, though in a completely different capacity these days.  + More

A short film about Giovanni Jimenez Ocampo, the first Colombian pro cyclist.

Long before men like Lucho Herrera captured the imagination of cycling fans worldwide, Giovanni Jimenez Ocampo became the first Colombian cyclist to ever turn professional .  + More

A calm mind and clear conscience in the MIDST of an ongoing storm. An interview with SmartStop's Juan Pablo Villegas.

After having raced as a professional since 2011, he knew that outside the confines of Team 4-72—Colombia, doping is commonplace in Colombia.
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Alps & Andes Jerseys (short and long sleeve)

Made in Colombia, with a full length hidden zipper and high-performance poly fabric with reflective piping on its rear pockets.

Alps & Andes Musette

Made in Medellin, these musette bags are made out of a lightweight poly fabric. The strap won't stretch, allowing you to use it for all kinds of off-the-bike activities.

4-72 Colombia socks

5" cuff, made in Colombia. 4-72—Colombia (formerly Colombia Es Pasion) is without a doubt the most successful development team in the Americas, and up there with the best in the world.