Photo: Manual For Speed

Photo: Manual For Speed

A call for water bottle standards, Armstrong's bookshelf, and putting toothpaste back into the tube.

What follows is merely an amalgamation of things I'm thinking about today. They range in subject matter and depth, but I hope they are all to your liking. Because I lack the ability and talent to string these together into meaningful prose (I'll blame it on the fact that English is not my first language), I present them as little more than bullet points. Though I wont be using actual bullets, because I'm unable to control the way the bullets hang, and that drives me crazy.
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Winner Anacona on video games, animal rights, and Nairo Quintana

The Movistar rider discusses many subjects, including the story behind his name, and its connection to Andy Hampsten. Say it with me, "only in Colombia" > More

Still on the road. From racing bikes and battling opponents, to driving taxis and fighting traffic.

An unusually high number of retired Colombian riders still find themselves on the road, though in a completely different capacity these days.  > More

A short film about Giovanni Jimenez Ocampo, the first Colombian pro cyclist.

Long before men like Lucho Herrera captured the imagination of cycling fans worldwide, Giovanni Jimenez Ocampo became the first Colombian cyclist to ever turn professional.  > More

An invisible city, at once joyful and somber

Cómbita, is a place that is often conjured up by the international press when speaking of Nairo Quintana’s background and upbringing. It's a place as complicated as modern day Colombia itself. > More


Made of a light cotton/linen blend, the cap features the Colombian flag across the top.

Alps & Andes Musette

Made in Medellin, these musette bags are made out of a lightweight poly fabric. The strap won't stretch, allowing you to use it for all kinds of off-the-bike activities.


Inspired by the iconic Cafe De Colombia jersey design (and thus the three ridges within the Andes that dominate the country's landscape), these water bottles commemorate the team's years racing in Europe.