Photo: Alps & Andes

Photo: Alps & Andes

During a sizable part of the 20th century, trade restrictions left Colombia largely isolated from the rest of the world. This included its bike industry, which was forced to come up with creative solutions that say plenty about a nation's ingenuity and its love for the bike. Today, as markets have opened up, Colombia's bike industry is in flux once again, and Colombian companies are having to change with the times. 

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An unusual amount of Colombia's professional cyclists come from this high plain northeast of Bogota. Why is that? What makes this place to special in regards to cycling? 


To worship at the altar of martyrdom

Through its tumultuous past, and its extreme interpretation of Catholic iconography Colombians developed an insatiable taste for martyrdom and spectacle

Choosing to forego revenge

An interview with Rigoberto Uran in which he discusses the difficult and painful path that led him to cycling, including his father's assassination while out on a Sunday morning training ride in his native Urrao 

HE trafficked arms, smuggled emeralds and threatened to break Laurent Fignon's jaw

Jose Beyaert, the first Olympic road champion, lived a life as full and amazing as the place where he chose to live it.