2013 Amstel Gold Race

April 14, 2013
251.8 kilometers (156.5 miles)


  • Axel Merckx drives an Aston Martin.
  • Dutch fans bring their babies to cycling races.
  • I asked a team bus driver what kind of music riders liked to listen to while going to races, or during transfers, since he said he never got to pick the music. When I asked this, the poor guy looked like a beaten man. He painfully rubbed his eyes for effect, and proceeded to make a thumping bass sound with his mouth, followed by some high-pitched beeping sounds in a frantic tempo. His description was accompanied by some New Jersey style fist pumping.
  • A tip, not based on personal experience but observation: Remember that races in Europe are international events. Never assume that the person sitting or standing next to you doesn't speak the language in which you are badmouthing them in
  • The day before the race, I did about five hours of the course. At the end of it, I was lost, missed my ride, and had to go back to the hotel by bike. It was only about five miles, but it took me another three hours because I got brutally lost. Highlight of that ordeal was being paced by a guy in a Vespa who offered to show me the way to my hotel.