They had Coppi and Bartali

While Europe had Coppi and Bartali, Colombia had Ramon Correa and Javier Suarez. They too were rivals. And while it's easy to dismiss this picture as little more than a common courtesy among competitors, it should be noted that the photographer who took it (Horacio Gil Ochoa) was and still is very well versed in cycling lore, Coppi in particular. 

Suarez (who is receiving the bottle) won the Vuelta a Colombia and the Clasico RCN. At 71 years old, the still rides regularly, and is not shy about his abilities. Asked by the Solo Ciclismo website who the best climber in Colombian history was, he answered, "I don't believe in false modesties, so I will tell you that the best climber that Colombia ever had was named Javier Suarez."

At any rate, this picture reminds me that I should mention the following: big changes are on their way for the blog, along with some interesting bits of content, including a small project with Horacio Gil Ochoa. Stay tuned, I think it will be to your liking. You see, I don't believe in false modesties either, and I believe that the best third rate blogger named Klaus, who writes about a topic that interests all of eight people worldwide