Because of it, not in spite of it

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It's an issue I've addressed before, and one that continues to interest me. I'm referring to the effect that an athlete's place of birth and upbringing can have on him and his temperament. In the context of developing nations (I use that term rather reluctantly) like Colombia, much of the international press has consistently stated that it's in spite of these athlete's place of birth that they have flourished. While those of us who are from these countries strongly believe that it's because of it, that they have reached success. In a sense, both outlooks reduce the complexities of human life a good bit. But I, for one, continue to believe that there is something special about some areas of Colombia (as I'm sure there is in many other places around the world). Unique circumstances that shape the human intelect, and overtime create entire cultures ideally suited for particular pursuits.

The video below touches on those points, albeit in a lighthearted tone. If you want to know what an arepa is after watching this video, go here.