Vanity plates, Shakira, and his father's use of emoticons

If you are an avid reader of this here blog, you are likely asking yourself, "wait, another interview with Cannondale-Garmin's Ben King? Didn't you just do one with him a couple of weeks ago?"

Well, I did. But that interview was exclusively about his time in Colombia, and his cultural take on the country as a whole. This interview, however, is completely different, and (if I may say so) completely worth the read. I did it for Manual For Speed and in it, we touch upon the following topics:

Ben's favorite types of jerky, Shakira, Jessica Alba, fishing, bran muffins, and his propensity for being hit by cars, as well as the sheer number of vanity plates in his home state of Virginia (something I first learned about through the Richmond-based band Avail circa 1993, after seeing their touring vehicle, which had the license plate "Vanarchy").

Read this interview, and I assure you that you'll have a new guy to follow and cheer for during this season. Read it at Manual For Speed.