Lisandro Duque's 1983 film "El Escarabajo"

As one of the only motion documents that exists of the early stages in Colombia's golden age of cycling, Lisandro Duque's "El Escarabajo" is a movie I've actively been seeking out for many years (including writing Duque himself for a copy, all to no avail). While the movie is a work of fiction (it tells the story of three small-town friends, one of whom is a promising young cyclist, perhaps a bit like a Colombian Breaking Away), it features actual race footage, and fantastic scenes with Patrocinio Jimenez, a member of the first Colombian team to ever compete in the Tour de France. Adding to the visual interest of the film is that if you pay close attention, you may see Lucho Herrera, Fabio Parra and others, all in beautiful 16mm color. Even if you speak no Spanish, seeing what bike races in Colombia looked like at the time is well worth it. Enjoy!