Furniture design, minivans and the women of the TV show "Friends". an interview with Kyle murphy.

As I mentioned recently, I'm very much in the middle of moving Alps & Andes' headquarters cross-country right now. That means that I'm simply not able to keep up with my blogging duties for the time being. Having said that, I will keep trying to put up some stuff for you to read and enjoy whenever possible. It's with that spirit in mind that I bring you this post.

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know that one of my pet peeves about cycling fans and reporters is how often they claim that someone came "out of nowhere" to win or have a great performance at a race (when three seconds of internet searching often proves that's not the case). At this year's road nationals, Kyle Murphy put on one of those performances. No, he hadn't come out of nowhere, and  he wasn't hiding behind some proverbial bushes. He was top ten at San Dimas, and had a strong showing at Redlands too, but as a first year pro, being 8th at nationals was still bound to get lots of people's attention. And it did. In an effort to learn more about Murphy, I did an interview with him for Manual For Speed. We discuss furniture design, Charles Eames, mini vans and his love for the women in the TV show Friends. Go check it out.