The metaphorical extensions of Lucho Herrera’s glory at the Tour de France


Life continues to be a bit nutty around the Alps & Andes offices, which makes writing new content difficult.

Having said that, I wanted to share a fantastic article with all of you, which was written by Nicolás Llano Linares, a reader of the blog.  Nicolás is a PhD Student in the Communication Sciences program at São Paulo University (Brazil). His article (which was published in Aalborg University's Academic Quarter journal) details the cultural significance and meaning of Lucho Herrera's bloodied image after his win in Saint-Étienne at the 1985 Tour de France, and how it "worked as a metaphorical extension that stimulated the association between Herrera’s martyred image and the collective struggle people had to go through on a daily basis, accentuating the strongly Catholic iconographic dimension attached to popular sport practices in Colombia faith, endurance, and suffering. "

I highly encourage you to read the article, which is in the journal's Spring 2015 edition. You can access it by following this link. Enjoy!