Words and their meanings

During my last semester in college, I needed a few extra credits to graduate. As a result, along with some real classes I had yet to take, I picked one strictly based on how easy it seemed, and what time of day it was held. The class was called The Art of Public Speaking, and surprisingly, it was actually more time consuming than I thought. Luckily, I also found it to be more informative than I had expected.

Years have passed since I took that class, and I've forgotten nearly everything I learned in it. Except for one lesson, which I not only remember, but try to stick very closely to: if you are not 100% sure about a word's meaning, never use it.

Perhaps Tim Johnson was just speaking off the cuff when he used the word in question (when you watch the video, you'll know what word I'm referring to), rather than being unsure about its meaning. Whatever the case may be, picturing the literal scenario he's describing (if you keep the word's meaning in mind) is simply amazing, and probably looked a whole lot like the scene from the movie Stepbrothers where Will Farrel's character touches the drumset. Or maybe there are puddles of the stuff on Utah's roads? Oh god, I just dry heaved.