I'm new here

The video above is a lovely bit of cycling goodness that I uploaded for the world to enjoy some months ago. Why did I upload it? Because through the song's lyrics, the video teaches us so much. Is the world getting you down? Simply "push it to the limit", and you'll be fine. Did yet another douchebag mockingly call you "Lance Armstrong" from the safety of his pick up truck today? If so, just think about this song, and think about its lyrics. Remember...push it to the limit, just like the song says. Oh, and remember to stretch out the gap, which is apparently another important lesson we can all learn.

As I work on my first proper post, I thought it would be fitting to post the video here, since other blogs and sites have done so already.

Will be back soon with a proper post, which should be the first of many. At that time, I'll try to explain the name of this blog, although I'm not sure I have a very good reason for its name, other than the mere fact that I couldn't think of anything...and my other blog is Metal Inquisition. So you see, it's all about continuity and brand equity...or mere lack of imagination.