A Photographic Journey

In an unexpected turn of events, Rock Racing's tagline next season will change from "Rock's Not Dead" to "One In The Pink, Two In The Stink"

You know how sometimes you have to defend cycling as not being gay? After you do that, you go home and find a picture like this online...suddenly you begin to think to yourself, "you know, maybe cycling is gay."

But then you see a picture like this, and you realize that cycling is super hetero. Additionally, you realize that the sport was way cooler (and colorful) in the 80's. Check out Indurain's facial expression in the back.

(By the way, isn't Tawny Kitaen hard to recognize when she's not doing splits on top of Jaguar? If David Coverdale sees this picture, he's gonna' be pissed.

And then you see a picture like this, and realize that perhaps cycling is not fully gay...but it's probably bi-curious.

You know how big stars like Brad Pitt do print and TV ads in Japan, but would never do them in the US? Similarly, back in Switzerland the entire Cancellara family are spokespersons for a brand of shirts that are made out of curtains from funeral homes.
PS: I love the guy, but his wife needs to have those roots touched up, pronto.

Perhaps it's because of of Swayze's recent passing, but I saw this bike on the street recently, and I was automatically reminded of that other 80s dancing movie.

Yes, you're seeing correctly, that's a "One Less Car" sticker, ON A CAR. As a kid, I thought my dad was nuts because he would see this sort of thing and get absolutely enraged. As I get older (and grouchier), I absolutely understand how he felt. I know I sound like Andy Rooney, but seriously, don't get me started on the sheet of paper I got in my in-box at work about how the office is going "green and paperless". This was information so important, that they printed it on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Damnit to hell!

I took this picture in Santa Monica earlier in the year, and it instantly proved to me that Californians really are ahead of the curve in nearly everything. After all, who else could bring the benefits of the Pinarello Onda fork (at an affordable pricepoint) to the owners of crappy 10-speed bikes?

Good lord, if this is what I look like to people when I'm on my bike...I fully understand why they try to run me over.

Do pro teams change their tires after every stage? Nope. As I found out this summer at the Tour, they simply have a Michael Berryman lookalike sit there with a Sharpie and black out any spots or discolorations that he finds so that they look nice on camera. Do they change the handlebar tape after every stage? No, this guy also went through with a rag and a spray bottle in order to clean all the handlebars. Is there a joke here? Not really, except that I have to point out that only European mechanics would be into Kabbalah.

Just look at the anger is Rasmussen's face. Can you blame him? You'd be that pissed too if after your suspension, the only contract you could get was with a Mexican Continental team that is operated by a University.

All this talk about Bradley Wiggins being a Tour contender as a result of his weight loss is sidestepping the real issue. All his newfound power comes from one place, the sweet tattoo he got at Lollapalooza.

I know you've probably seen this picture before, but what you didn't realize when you first saw it was what it reminded you of. Let me help:

Props to Kyle for first pointing out the similarity.