A preemptive strike

As I've mentioned before, I went to Spain and Andorra this year to see the Tour de France. During that trip I took a few pictures, which I will continue to share with you over several posts.

The picture above was taken at a small bike shop near Plaça d'Espanya in Barcelona. Upon seeing the brand name of this bike, many ask themselves "who would come up with such a name?" Well, I have an answer to this question...or at least a clue as to why someone would do such a thing. You see, on a daily basis, I'm called a "fag" (as well as many other homophobic epithets) by numerous drivers as I ride my bike. This happens to me every hour, on the hour, so accurately in fact that the US military now uses these driver outbursts to set its atomic clock.

As I see it, the bike's brand name simply functions as a preemptive strike on the part of the bike's owner. Much like the fat kid in school, the one who always made fun of himself before anyone could lay a fat joke on him, this bike proudly states that the guy riding the bike knows what the drivers around him think.

"Oh, you're calling me a 'fag'...joke's on you pal! I'm riding on a Qüer bike...I'm already a step ahead of you, you douche!"

While not particularly effective, this interaction makes the person riding the bike feel as though he has taken matters into his own hands, and he is now proactive, rather than simply reactive.

One last note...while this approach of mocking yourself before letting someone else do it may work for adults...I would highly, highly discourage you from getting a Qüer bike for your kid...because really, that's the last thing they need.

Thanks to one of our readers for mentioning yet another great name for a bike company. See it here.