Uhh...that's not what I meant

Due to my relative unhappiness with my current pedals (which to any cyclist means "I must buy something new RIGHT NOW"), I once again find myself looking at online reviews in search of pedal nirvana. Having been unable to find the information I was looking for in the usual sites, I made that dreaded turn into the retarded internet alley that is YouTube. In the past, I've actually found some interesting insight about products there, but that was certainly not the case when it came to pedals. Why? When searching for pedals with almost any combination of words, videos like the ones below kept coming up. Tons of them. Unknowingly, I had discovered a bizarre and seedy underworld (at least it seemed that way to me), one I was not looking for at all (I swear). I will now share these with you, since they are technically work safe, although the comments left behind by viewers kinda' aren't.

Comment from reader:
"i just made love gravy all over myself...."

Reader comment:
"that was nice, do more. if you have a small tripod mount for the cam, that may help keep it stationary while filming. again, nice video. ;)"

Comment by a a very sad shut-in:
"Great job on the shoe choice and the camera angle only in the next one could you have her just keep it floored as hard as she can through all the the gears and see how fast she can get it to go like she was doing towards the end of this video? That was the best part."

Are you done dowsing yourself with boiling bleach after watching those videos? If not, go do so...it will help.