I'm some kind of a genius (Part 2)

I know that because I'm a wildly successful and wealthy blogger, many of you probably don't think of me as a normal human being. I don't fault you for that, but let me assure you that I am just like you. Like everyone else, I put on my diamond-encrusted SIDI shoes one at a time...with the help of my personal assistant. Since I'm just like all of you, I too spend time checking out the contents of local bike racks. I look for interesting bikes, and relish finding unusual angles in handlebar/stem combos. I'm also on the lookout for true innovators, like this guy (see below). Why buy an adult bike when you can just buy a tiny kids road bike, and just make it work for you? The bike industry now offers tons of extenders and adapters. Put them to use! As a man of slight stature, I can tell you that when I shop at the kids clothing department, I save big. Why not take that mindset to the art of shopping for a bike?

Laterally stiff, vertically deficient.

Or what about the precursor to the Pinarello Onda, which I shared with all of you before? I bet she handles like a dream.

Vertically iffy, horizontally transposed

Still, what I'm really always on the lookout for are idiotic locking jobs. This week, I found a highly unusual one which I had never seen before. Leaving the key on the lock...why didn't I think of that before? This guy is an innovator in the field of bike locking. A real trailblazer.

I'm not a real genius when it comes to locking my bike, I must admit. I did have that brief moment of near-brilliance when I thought of using my quick release as a locking mechanism of sorts...but that was about it. When I had the pleasure of riding in New York City with Mr. Bikesnob, I was amazed to see how thorough he was at locking both my bike and his. As I stated in that post, I felt overwhelmed with emotion by the fact that he deemed such a high level of security to be necessary for my so-so road bike. God bless the man. I think he was trying to be kind. Either that, or New Yorkers will steal any turd with wheels that they find unsecured.

Speaking of turds, did you see the Footon-Servetto kit?

In the end, just like hot dog water serves a purpose in life (as a delicious summer beverage, once chilled to 45 degrees), people who leave their keys on their locks serve a purpose too. They make us all feel superbly smart, and we can all be thankful for that.