Making things happen

Sometimes you have to step up and make things happen, because no one else will. I know this well. As a trailblazing blogger, trendsetting cyclist and above-average Pictionary player, I know the realities of being ahead of the curve. For those of us who move and think much faster than the rest of humanity, things can be tedious. We have to sit around for long periods of time, waiting for the world to catch up. Like a rider from Garmin during a mountainous stage at the Tour, we are forced to sit up and wait for the rest of you Vande Veldes. This can be boring, tedious and demeaning, but it comes with the territory. It's with this spirit in mind that I wanted to share two pictures with you today. The first of the two is this piece of awesomeness:

While so many of you just sit around hoping that one day a shoe manufacturer will come up with a solution to your problems...this guy went out and did something about it. After all, how many of you have wondered what type of shoe you could wear to a White Lion reunion concert after riding your road bike there? Most of you wondered about this very thing, I'm sure. But you see, the problem is that all of you did nothing about it. You encountered a problem, and went no further to appease the situation. Not this guy. This guy went to work. He got his cordless drill out and got to work. The drill was probably low on batteries, so he waited for it to charge. Most of you would have given up, but not him. This guy waited 55 minutes for a full charge on his 18v Black and Decker Firestorm multi-speed drill, and got to work. So while some of you may mock his decision to add cleats to such amazing white high tops, I must ask you: what awesome shoes have you created today? None? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The second picture was kindly sent to me by commenter Jackseph. The picture was taken by his dad in London. This picture is a perfect example of the type of go-getter attitude that is commonly lacking in today's youth. Most of you pansies out there cry when your frame breaks, but not this guy. He took matters into his own hands. Using everyday objects, an obvious knowledge of both engineering and physics, this guy refused to let his busted frame get the better of him. Broom stick? Check. Rope? Check. Zip ties? Check. Extremely long leather belt that came free with a pair of Dockers? Check.

Again, I must ask all of you. How many bike frames have YOU fixed today using rope, a broom stick, zip ties and a belt. None? Yeah, that's what I thought.

About Twitter
Twitter is now a part of our lives, for better or worse. Within seconds, each of us can find out what Lance Armstrong was listening to yesterday during his massage. We know who went out to dinner with him and where they ate. Personally, I think if this is all that's going on in his life, I could do without the information. Imagine my surprise, however, when I found out that Armstrong was pulling out of Milan-San Remo due to "acute gastroenteritis"....which is a nice way of saying he had a world-class case of the shits. Finally something interesting happens in this guy's life (although I heard he's won some races in the past)...and he doesn't tweet about it? Are you kidding me? I would love to have ongoing descriptions of his bathroom trips, complete with descriptive onomatopoeias giving us greater insight into the sounds that his rear-end is making. What a lost opportunity. While his fans mourn his third place at last year's Tour, I shall forever mourn what could have been the greatest string of tweets ever.

About the Oscars:
Mo'nique may be an Academy Award winner, but lordy-lordy...she's such a Fred. *

* Yes, I know that a female "Fred" is supposed to be called a "Doris"...but I don't care.

Colombian Racing News:
Jose Serpa wins stage.