A gift from me to all of you: A ringtone of that Tour de France car horn sound, the one that goes "doodooodooodoodoooo"

The picture
What you see above is my absolute favorite picture from my trip to see this year's Paris-Roubaix. Among the hundreds (thousands?) of pictures that my brother and I took, this one stands above the rest. How could it not? The picture was taken in the motel that we stayed in near Compiagne. Along with my brother and I, there were other super-special VIPs staying at the hotel...namely the guys who mark the course with dayglow arrows. These guys were loud, drunk, nutty, but really nice and rather interesting. As I went to take a picture of their truck, the two guys beamed with pride as they pointed to the small porn magazine collection that sat on the dashboard of their vehicle. They both laughed like schoolkids as they pointed to the magazines. It was at that moment that I took this picture. I later blurred out the naughty bits to make it work-safe-ish.

After I shared this image with internet sensation Stevil Knievel at the bi-monthly bloggers summit (thanks to the Airport Holiday Inn in Tucson for their hospitality), he kindly reminded me that the worlds of nudity in print format and cycling had collided beautifully before. You can see proof it it (fully work-safe) here. Look under Steve Larsen's general bottom bracket shell/crankset area. Yes, that's a naughty magazine being shown to him...hence his devilish smile.

My gift to all of you
Standing in front of their truck, my brother and I asked them if it was equipped with the iconic Tour de France car horn. They didn't understand what we were asking. I mimicked the sound, that sound that I hear in my sleep during hot July nights after days of watching the Tour. Over the years, I've developed a Pavlovian response to it. The horn means watching races, it means riding in short sleeves. That sound has been bouncing around in my head since I was seven years old, and I listened to the Tour on the radio for the first time. Once I mimicked the sound, the guys finally understood what I meant. They honked the horn, I recorded it...and now I share it with all of you as my gift. Since I couldn't buy all of you KOM replica jerseys, I thought this would be a nice souvenir to bring back. I've created three versions of the horn sound in varying lengths, and then saved each in different file formats, which should work as ringtones in most phones. If the formats provided do not work for your phone...sorry. Maybe you should buy a phone that was manufactured in this century Mr. Zack Morris.

I hope you enjoy it. I also hope that everyone around you is annoyed when you make this your ringtone.

Download it here.

PS: If for some reason you want to post the link above on your site or Twitter or whatever, I simply ask that you kindly credit me/this blog. Why? Because I anticipate that these files will go viral like that video of the dancing baby, or like a venereal disease, or like a dancing baby that has a venereal disease.