Write a caption, win a book. The first ever Cycling Inquisition contest.

Although I'm clearly the undisputed king of providing thoughtful insight about cycling on the internet, I'm sometimes open to the fact that others out there may also have a miniscule amount of this very talent as well. It's with this spirit in mind that I'm happy to announce the first ever Cycling Inquisition contest, brought to you by the fine folks at Chronicle Books. In said contest, readers of this blog must write captions for the images below in the comments section of this post. Whoever has the best caption for any of the four pictures will win an autographed copy of Bike Snob's book. If you're wondering who the copy of the book will be autographed by, it won't be me. I certainly toyed with that idea, and I know most (if not all) of you would prefer that...but I'm an old-fashioned guy, and thus thought it would be best to have the author of the book do the autographing.

But that's not all. Because I'm a really nice guy, and because Chronicle offered two books to give away, the runner up will also get an autographed book. Aren't I a great guy? I certainly think I am, although I should give credit to my brother for coming up with the idea of doing a caption contest. I was minutes away from posting my original idea, which was a poetry contest where competitors would have to write poems about Hincapie's leg veins, Vaughter's sideburns, or about the huge distance between Van Petegem's upper lip and his nose.

Anyway, the contest will run until 12am of Thursday June 17th. At that time (actually, a few hours after) a prestigious panel of judges will determine the two winners. By "prestigious panel of judges", I mean that it will be me who will decide. If I have any doubts about the winners, however, I may ask my wife and our beloved miniature dachshund what they think. Before you start to question their credentials for helping me judge such a contest, remember that our dog rings a bell to let us know when she has to go to the bathroom. Similarly, my wife has memorized the flags of every single country in the world, and she was wise enough to marry me...so these are clearly astute individuals of above-average intelligence.

So there you have it. Go nuts. Well, don't actually go nuts, just go write some captions for the images below. Remember, the best caption (not the best set of captions) will win. Also, make sure you don't write them as "Anonymous", because you'll never get your prize. Duh.

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4