International relations, Van Halen, and Venezuelan tracksuits

Thanks for setting international relations back fifteen years Mr. Guitar Playing Funny-man. By the way, I think this guy looks a good bit like a certain American cyclist (aside from himself...since he's probably American). Guess who, and you get a prize.

In spite of the current state of the world, I'm still a rather positive-thinking person. As such, I always think that cultural gaps between nations can be closed by simply focusing on our similarities. As a non-American living in the United States, I'm proof that this is possible. Sure, I still think its insane and gross that some Americans dip their pizza in ranch dressing, but we must look past these differences in order to focus on similarities that bring us together. Once you do that, you'll find that you often wake up in an unusually upbeat mood. You suddenly start to think that all nations should and can understand each other. But then you see a video like the one below...and you realize that international relations have just been single-handedly set back by about fifteen years.

I suppose this actually pretty similar to how that one lady singer did the theme song for Monday Night Football (which of course I can't find on You Tube since the NFL holds its theme songs with a death-like grip).

Before I let you all go so you can get your weekend started early, I wanted to once again share a few of the search terms that visitors to this blog have been entering into search engines order to get here. No, I didn't make any of these up, and I didn't alter them in any way. Enjoy.

"Dear NYC tourists, don't try to hail a cab unless the middle light on the roof is on."
Sometimes I think that internet users think of Google as a suggestion box, or as a genie that they can simply request wishes that they want to come true.

"nice Venezuelan flag track suit size M"
Talk about specific. I mean...if this guy actually found a tracksuit that was proudly adorned with the Venezuelan flag, would he only buy it if it was "nice"? What if it were a size large?

"how to get rid of evil spirits from home"
I'm so happy to see this as a search term that made people come to my blog. I'm happy that my writing is helping people with mental problems other than being cyclists.

"What to wear to a Misfits show"
This is an important question to ask. My brother once took my mom to a Misfits show, and if she knew how to speak English, or how to use the internet...I can imagine that she would have looked this up at some point. In case you don't know, the Misfits were a punk rock band, that became wrestlers, and are probably working at your local car was as of this week.

"really good hari krishna bands"
Aside from the incorrect spelling, this search is not even needed. Everyone knows that 108 was the greatest Hare Krishna band ever. Come on now. I still admire that this person thought to themselves, " I don't want to just know about the good bands whose members are Hare Krishnas...I want to know about the really good bands whose members are Hare Krishnas."

"Van Halen bicycle"
Is "Van Halen bicycle" one of those sexual euphemisms that I'll learn about ten years too late? If not, did a bike manufacturer produce a limited edition Van Halen bike at some point? If so, can I get one? Was the bike only good around the mid-80s...and then it fell apart into really sad pieces and components...including a fat one with a mullet, and one that looked like the Crypt Keeper?

Have a good weekend, be safe out there.