Bullfighting, eating tacos, drinking coffee, and all the other things you do when you're born in a Spanish-speaking country


When I moved to the United States, I was amazed by how uninformed my classmates were about countries outside of their own. One asked me if we had electricity back in Colombia. Another asked if my father was a bullfighter, and all the others asked me if my family was wealthy, and if we were wealthy because we were involved in the drug trade...which would would have certainly explained the luxurious rusted garbage can that my father was driving at the time, and why my sister was using the closet-sized laundry room in our apartment as her bedroom. In any case, I guess that in my classmates' minds I had grown up eating tacos, dancing the tango, playing soccer, watching bullfights and drinking coffee. Their view of my childhood was a wonderful pastiche of the bits and pieces of information about Spanish-speaking countries that they had picked up from television shows. While my classmates' ignorance upset me then, I have to laugh at it now. Particularly when I see an image like the one below. It's almost as though one of the young american kids who teased me upon my arrival to the States had grown up, and set this up as a comedic photo shoot, all driven by his misguided notions of Latin American sports.

"So we can have a bike race in some random place....like....uh..... Guatemala or something..... and a guy from like Spain could win the race.... and maybe...maybe... don't laugh at this, but the finish line could be a soccer goal in a stadium!"

Ask and you shall receive. So here you have it:

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The Spanish rider Antonio Menendez crosses the finish line/goal at the Vuelta A Guatemala sometime in the early 70s.

Now, if he could just eat a taco, and enter a bullfighting ring after his victory...then we'd be on to something.

Other stuff

Photo: © Pablo Cersosimo

Colombiano Jose Serpa wins a mountain top finish, and takes the overall lead at the Tour of San Luis. Juan Mauricio Soler, who was touted as a possible favorite, is currently 75th at 8:47.

If you're interested, here are some highlights of the race's first stage. Perhaps the most important aspect of this video is that the background music is an Iron Maiden midi. Thanks to my brother for pointing this out. Who needs the Tour Down Under when there's racing in South American going on, and the race highlights are set to Iron Maiden's Wasted Years?