Looking back on 2010, looking forward to 2011, looking sideways to 2010.5

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Last week, I failed to write a post about my top ten favorite, or least favorite things of 2010. I didn't even write about the best races or best moments of the year. I'm sorry about this. As one of the leading so-so bloggers on the internet, I feel that I have failed you once again. The truth is that I didn't come up with such lists because I doubt that I'll manage to point out anything that most of you didn't already know or notice throughout 2010. For example, was that one stage with all the rain and mud, and crud at the Giro awesome? Yes, yes it was. Did Armstrong nearly give Menchov a run for his money in the contest of who can crash the most at this year's Tour? Yes, yes he did. Did Shimano start making things that require batteries and chargers? Yes, yes they did. Am I the awesomest and fastest commuter in the United States? Yes, yes I am. And everyone agrees. As such, I doubt that me pointing out any of these things will put them in a new light. Having said that, I needed to post something today, so I thought I could share some images with you. I hope these images will help me explain some interesting moments and facts about 2010. Enjoy.

Team who took the biggest collective dump on the face of its sponsors in 2010:

*Joaquim Rodriguez excluded

Team with the most riders whose artistic abilities resemble those of someone with severe cerebral palsy:
Xacobeo Galicia

Rider who will have the most free time in 2011 as a result of his team imploding, and will thus be able to help you with menial tasks like moving boxes out of your storage space, installing your window AC units, or decorating your christmas tree come November:
Carlos Sastre

Greatest sign in 2010 that the world is coming to an end (aside from the thousands of birds dropping dead all over the world), and that we are now officially on the on-ramp to the apocalypse:
This picture

Most understated bike, with the most understated wheelset, the most understated airbrushed graphics, crankset and name:
This one

Rider most likely to be brought up on chargers for creepily and unnecessarily touching the faces of children:
Alberto Contador

Most awkward Fred moment of the year:
This one

Team who most comfortably slept through the spring classics:
Quick Step

(Don't point out that Boonen being second at Flanders isn't exactly "sleeping through the spring classics". I found pictures of the team with pillows, and I was determined to use them.)

Most homoerotic moment shared by any two Quickstep riders:
Three-way tie

(Don't be a buzzkill and point out that two of these aren't from the last year)

Most hetero moment in cycling:
Two-way tie

(Please don't ask me why Alanis Morissette circa 1996 was working as a podium girl in 2010. Apparently Canadians have time-travel technology.)