Heads or tails. A confession.

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Recent unrest in Egypt has taught us all that people can easily rise up and demand what they want. It's with this two lesson in mind that I'm writing today's post, because I know my readers demand the very best from me, and if I don't deliver...they will punch me, protest my reign as blogging overlord, and have me replaced with that blogging pigeon. So in the spirit of blogging excellence (as well as one of full disclosure) I hereby offer you the following true story...and since it's my birthday today, I figured I might as well make it a good one. So consider this my gift to you, on my birthday.

The ol' switcharoo
Upon returning from my trip to California last week, I failed to fully unpack my belongings. As such, some of my toiletries were still in their travel container (zip lock bag) and on top of my bathroom sink almost a week after my return. That's my first confession, I don't always unpack in a timely manner. My second confession is that I sometimes use small amounts of what the young kids call "hair product", to style and coiffe my short, but fashionable mane. Because I do this, I have a cylindrical container where I put an airport-approved amount of the stuff for my travels (see picture above). But here's my third and most crucial confession:

I have the exact same type of container for another substance that looks almost exactly the same, and which I take along with me on trips from time to time: chamois cream of an undisclosed brand. Do you see where this is going?

Two days ago while getting ready for my job as a male model/physicist, I saw the small white jar...which I assumed was full of my hair product of choice. I took a healthy, but not Jersey Shore-like amount of said product, and slapped it on my fashionable hair. I saw a stubborn bit of hair on the back of my head, so I went back for seconds. I dipped my fingers in to the container, and as I applied the second coat onto my now lustrous and fresh-smelling hair...I realized what I had done. I had heard of the embrocation/chamois cream switcharoo, but I had clearly just improved upon that scenario. I had put taint cream on my head.

Go ahead, laugh. It's my birthday today, which means I'm not only dumb, but old as well.


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