Drooling and race radios

As a team, Motorola pioneered the use of two-way radios in professional cycling. Considering the team's sponsor, this makes perfect sense. Not to be outdone, HTC (a cell phone manufacturer) has apparently started to test some of its latest technology during races, most notably during Tony Martin's time trial at Paris-Nice. Based on the fact that my wife was forced to use a horrendous HTC Mogul by her job years ago, I can tell you that this cut-in-half-water-bottle technology can only be an improvement on their past attempts at making communication devices of any kind.

Yes, I took a picture of my TV screen because I don't know how to get footage out of my DVR

Speaking of my wife, for years I've worked hard to convince her that cycling is a tough sport, and that those who compete at the highest levels are mentally and physically superior to average human beings. How the hell am I supposed to keep up that sham when my wife notices that in a race I'm watching, a guy is drooling all over himself like a toothless basset hound?

Once again, Germany brings shame to all of humanity. Oh, and thanks for single-handedly undoing years of hard work with my wife Tony. Thanks a lot.

PS: Colombia's Movistar team, not to be confused with Spain's Movistar team, will be at the Tour Of California this year.