Hello, My Name Is: Richard Grieco

Full disclosure: I saw the movie If Looks Could Kill in the theater. I also owned a pair of LA Gear high tops just like the ones that Grieco is sporting in the picture above.

Viewers of the TV show 21 Jumpstreet loved Johnny Depp for his boyish good looks, wit, and acting abilities. Only a few seasons into the show, however, fans of the show were horrified to learn that Depp had left the cast, only to be replaced by the poor-man's version of the actor they loved. Enter Richard Grieco. While some protested the addition of Grieco to the cast, I always supported him...partially because I knew that one day I'd be in his position. Not literally, since I have yet to ink a deal with a TV network....or have I? Well, I have.

That's right folks. Yours truly got himself a deal. Kind of. You may remember that last year, one Mr Bikesnob (who plays the part of Johnny Depp in this lengthy comparison) gave ongoing written commentary regarding the Giro d' Italia for Universal Sports. Unable to do so this year (he will blogging for Bicycling Magazine), he and Universal have decided to pass the proverbial baton on to me. The next guy in line. Richard Grieco.

Thanks to the people at Universal and to Mr. Depp for considering me worthy of the adoration from readers that will surely come my way after this, my first post.

Lastly, I should say that my name is not actually Richard Grieco. It's Klaus.