Would you buy a Cycling Inquisition jersey?

I tried to write a somewhat interesting introduction to this post, only to realize that it didn't really warrant it. Why should I tell you a long and winding story about my childhood, or tell you that Vinokourov clearly throws the best parties in the peloton, when all I really want to say is this:

I'm thinking of getting some Cycling Inquisition attire made. Perhaps this is a stupid idea. Because I'm open to that possibility (that it's a stupid idea), I want to gauge how many people might be interested in buying my wares. I'd like to cover the minimums, so that I'm not stuck with a box of jerseys in my basement which will serve as a reminder of how much of a misguided loser I am... I already have too many things in my life that remind me of that fact, so I don't want to have one (or a hundred) more.

The jerseys and caps would be made by Hincapie at their factory in Medellin, Colombia, which I visited last year.

The jerseys would be Hincapie's short sleeve race cut design, full zipper, which you can see and read about here, including a sizing chart. Hincapie has one jersey that is tighter than this, which might be a bit much for most of us. I will be getting samples from them, so I can take armpit to armpit measurements and post those when the time comes.

The cycling cap would be sublimated, and I'm still checking on how feasible it would be to produce the design I came up with (since some parts of the design go across different panels). You can see the caps here. I've seen the fabric up close, and it's more like cotton than something you'd make a jersey out of. So they are much better than other sublimated ones.

I'm still looking into possible companies to make the socks.

It would take about 6-8 weeks to get these made, which proves that I'm insanely smart and potentially getting short sleeve jerseys made in time for fall. I know, I'm a genius.

Tentative Prices (plus shipping, prices would lower if pre-ordered)
Jersey: $65
Socks: $10
Cap: $12

If you think the designs are terrible, or you hate the colors in the Colombian flag, spare me. But if you would consider buying one or a couple of these items, let me know. Why? Because I'm not sure that I will be getting all three of these things made, so I'm asking...no, begging you to please leave a comment letting me know. This will help me gauge interest, and let me know whether I should do this. It will also help me decide which jersey design to make. If you leave the comment as "anonymous" that's fine with me.

If the response is not good, I'll delete this post, and we can all pretend that this never happened. Deal?

Be a pal, leave a comment
So, even if you know me personally, or if you've never left a comment on this or in any other blog, please let me know the answers to the following questions (copy and paste into the comments, along with your answers):

1. Would you buy a jersey? If so, what size?

2. Do you prefer the white or the black jersey design?

3. Would you buy a cap?

4. Would you buy socks?

5. Would you pre-order the items you are interested in?

Here are the designs:

(Double click to view larger)
What's the shield on the right side of the chest?
It's the coat of arms for the city of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. You can read about its meaning here.

What does the text in the back of the jersey (in the yellow band) mean?
It means "Putting on the internet as though it were a ruana since 2009". It's based on a Colombian saying, which I explained here.

What are the two words in the back pockets?
They are bocadillo and panela, the two simple foods that Colombian cyclists have carried in their jersey pockets for decades, and ones of great significance within Colombian cycling. You can read about them here and here.

(Double click to view larger)

(Double click to view larger)
Why are these socks black and why is the cuff so short/long?
Because if I'm stuck with a bunch of these, I want to be able to wear them, and I like black socks with this length cuff.

(Double click to view larger)
I'm a little iffy on how realistic it will be to get this design made. Sorry for posting this before knowing, but I wanted to gauge interest on these as soon as possible. If this design is not doable, I will scrap the cap idea, and get some made later with actual ribbon cloth of the flag, rather than sublimation.

What do you think? Please copy and paste the questions above, and leave your answers along with them in the comments section.