Cycling Inquisition attire. Pre-order now!

UPDATE: Pre-ordering for jerseys has now now ended. I'll be getting a couple of extra jerseys in each of the most popular sizes (S, M, L) in both colors, and will have those up for sale when they arrive, which should be about 8 weeks.

You can still order socks, however. See below for details.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I used an exclamation point in the title of this post, and rightfully so. Why? Because the window of time in which you need to pre-order my wares is rather small. A week to be exact. So smash up those piggy banks, empty out your kid's college fund, and order now to make sure you get the size you want. Additionally, prices will go up slightly after the pre-order.

I will not be getting caps made at this point, since Hincapie was unable to get the design I wanted produced. But they may happen in the future.

These will be made in Colombia, by Hincapie. Full zip, "comfort collar", athletic but not skin tight fit. Due to positive response, I'll be getting both the white and black jerseys made. In case you forgot, this is what they look like. You can click on either image to enlarge:

Is that a polka dot pattern on the inside collar of the white jersey with the URL of the blog? Yes it is. Does it violate the sacred rule of cycling which dictates that you shouldn't wear a yellow or polka dot jersey unless you earned it? No. Because no one will see it. Luckily, you will know it's there when you are wearing it. Additionally, the polka dots represent a new technology that was developed exclusively for Cycling Inquisition, called Climbtrex-SL-2000. It will improve your climbing abilities by up to 46% through the vast powers of the placebo effect. Really.

Another addition is the text in the middle pocket of both jerseys. It now says "bandeja paisa", the third and perhaps most crucial culinary secret held by Colombian riders. On this very blog, Rigoberto Uran and several other Colombian professionals have spoken about the power of this dish. As I've mentioned before, "bandeja paisa" is basically a huge serving tray of food. So the thought of putting some in your jersey pocket is humorous. See how that works? It's wacky Colombian humor. If you want to know about the text on the other pockets, about the other text on the jersey, or about the coat of arms on the chest, go here.

These will be made in the US of A by Sock Guy. They will sport a fashionable, but not ridiculous 4" cuff. Pay homage to the great figures of Colombian cycling (including me) with these fashionable socks. Click to enlarge the design.

What is the text on the underside of the socks you ask? Aside from the blog's URL, the phrase on the other side is: "Empecuecando el internet desde 2009". Let me explain the meaning. In Colombia we have many wonderful words in Spanish for things that the English language simply does not have words for, "pecueca" is one of them. It refers to the smell of stinky feet which is usually transferred to the socks and shoes that envelop them. The term does not apply to any other smell, just that which comes from smelly feet. So the phrase roughly translates to:

"Making the internet smell like dirty feet since 2009".

Superbly funny, I know. You needn't tell me. Luckily, the socks will be high quality, and thanks to Sock Guy's expertize in making such attire, they actually will NOT stink when you wear them. Lovely. Additionally, if you find the message to be gross or silly, no one will know what it says. Unless they are Colombian, and you are shoeless. And what are the chances of that?


Jerseys: $75 (or two for $145)
Shipping: $3 per jersey within the US, $7 internationally

Socks: $12 (or two for $20)
Shipping: $2 for up to two pairs within the US, $4 for up to two pairs internationally

Hincapie's "race cut" jerseys run from XXS to 6XL. You can see a sizing chart with chest measurements for them here. (Update: I received samples of the jersey in different sizes, and measured them laying flat on a table. See the grid below.)

Socks come in two sizes S/M and L/XL. See the grid below:

Turnaround time on the jerseys will be eight weeks from next Friday (early October).
Socks will be five weeks from next Monday (early September). Than means that I will probably send your socks out first, as soon as I get them.

To order:
Simply send payment through Paypal only to this address:

cyclinginquisition -at symbol-

Please make sure you calculate the overall total (including shipping) correctly, because otherwise you'll get an email from me mocking your lack of math skills. In the comments section, clearly state:

1. Item/s, color, size and quantity

2. Mailing address and full name that these will be sent to. It shouldn't be any different than the address already registered with your Paypal account.