Where does the Tour of Flanders really start? Let's ask Paul Sherwen (so he can tell us seventy four times).

During the Tour de France last year, my wife saw me watching yet another flat stage, and after listening to the commentary, she asked,

"Haven't you watched this race before?"

She had a point. I guess I had. It was the race where a few guys broke away, only to be caught later on. Aerial shots showed one château after another. More importantly, Paul and Phil spoke endlessly about the local wines, and what armies invaded the region when. I quickly realized that watching cycling is a bit like the movie Groundhog Day. It's not just that it seems like Paul Sherwen repeats himself an endless number of times. He actually does. Would you like proof of this? Listen to the file below, and be amazed by Paul's insistence regarding just where the Tour of Flanders really starts.

I hope no one has told him that this year, the Oude Kwaremont will be used several times before the finish. He might short circuit as a result.

Consider this a preview of the YouTube channel that my brother will be starting soon for his podcast. Only he could possibly notice and then compile these sound clips. Some artists work with clay, others with oils...he works with the insanely repetitive banter of Paul and Phil. For a full version of this masterpiece (and to hear how many times they both mispronounce "Hushovd"), listen to Speed Metal Podcast's episode 33.