Welcome to France. The first time he raced against professionals, he was welcomed with elbows and fists.

As told to Matt Rendell in this book.


What, you may ask, does a professional under great stress, who is riding a record setting 16th Tour de France do before an incredibly difficult stage? He watches quality video content created by Cycling Inquisition of course!

Thanks to one Mr Bike Snob for pointing out George's great taste in YouTube videos.

A year after his crash, Mauricio Soler has chosen to retire. He was advised by neurologists that he could no longer pursue professional cycling actively. A sad loss for Colombian cycling, which is sadly getting lost in the shuffle during the Tour.

I was invited once again to be a part of my brother's podcast. If you enjoy your cycling podcasts with a bit of talk about hamsters and other random topics, give this one a listen.