Cycling Inquisition's finest hour

Winston Churchill, a man who led the United Kingdom through the Second World War, but is mostly known as the inspiration behind the name of every English bulldog I've ever met, as well as for the fact that he was briefly in the band Iron Maiden, once said:

To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered a chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour. 

After reading that quote, you are probably asking yourself: "What is this great moment he speaks of?", and "who tapped him, figuratively speaking, on the shoulder?" And lastly, "Why did Iron Maiden kick Churchill out of the band?" 

As for Maiden kicking him out, I have no idea. But allow me to answer your other questions. First, my finest hour simply refers to the fact that I'm going on vacation. Luckily, this moment does not find me "unprepared or unqualified", as I am expert in vacationing. Additionally, it was not a man who figuratively tapped me on the shoulder to remind me of was my wife, who mentioned in passing, "Most websites, including your blog, appear to be blocked there, so you won't be able to update it while we're on vacation." And she's certainly right about that. So it's with that realization in mind that I'm here to tell you the following: Simply put, the blog will be on hold until the first week of September

For those keeping track, this is indeed the second time this year that I've taken a break from posting during a grand tour, a time that normally means a spike in readership. It's this kind of marketing know-how that keeps me well within the top 185 top cycling blogs in the western hemisphere.

So what are you, my four devoted fans, to do during my absence? Where on earth will you find quality content about cycling, Colombian or otherwise? Worry not my friends, for I have compiled a list that should address your concerns. Here are some ways to keep yourself busy during my absence:

Rigoberto Uran and Leonardo Duque at the Tour

1. If it's Colombian cycling content you crave, simply tune into the Vuelta a España. For those not familiar with this race, it's like the Tour or the Giro, but with squiggly lines of the letter "n". In said race, a total of six Colombian riders are competing. And luckily, I have written and interviewed some of the riders in the past. They are: Sergio Henao and Rigoberto Uran (Sky). Nairo Quintana (Movistar), Winner Anacona (Lampre), Leonardo Duque (Cofidis), Cayetano Sarmiento (Liquigas)

2. (UPDATED) You can get a bucket of paint, a roller, and tell the world what the world's greatest blog is.

3. You can read through the archives of this blog, and catch up on posts you never read.

4. You can watch the video below, which is of a talk titled "Sport Obsession and National Reinvention: The Spectacle of Professional Cycling in Colombia"

Sport Obsession and National Reinvention: The Spectacle of Professional Cycling in Colombia from Klaus Inquisition on Vimeo.

5. You can sit in the fetal position crying until I return.

6. You can watch the Colorado Cycling Challenge race (or whatever it's called now). There, you can enjoy a fully-Colombian team in EPM-Une, as well as Team Exergy which has Bogota-born Freddie Rodriguez, and Andres Diaz (who I've interviewed before).

7. You can check out other quality content providers such as Speed Metal Podcast, and All Hail The Black Market. You spend some time doing virtual window shopping (or buying some goods) at Gage + DeSoto, or read up at the newly re-launched The Super Tempo. And you can always pay a visit to the prolific Bike Snob NYC.

8. You can pick up a copy of the latest issue of Road Magazine, which has an article I wrote, or visit the Rapha blog for a post I wrote (based on one that was published here earlier) about panela.

I hope most of you will take me up on one or more of these options, and that includes the possibility of crying in the fetal position.

Be well, be marry...and if you cry in the fetal position, take pictures of the ordeal, because I'd love to see them. See you in September.