In the absence of any other news in the world of cycling, I hereby announce another run of Cycling Inquisition caps

UPDATE:The caps have sold out.

As I may have mentioned in the past, Cycling Inquisition devotes most of its yearly budget to employ several Ivy League graduates, who advice our board regarding all content and business decisions. Today's post is proof that having such wise individuals on our pay roll is paying off. To be more specific, they recommended that I release news about a small run of Cycling Inquisition caps today (Thursday, October 11), since there are no other cycling news to speak of in the media today to take attention away from this information. They strongly believe (and I happily concur), that this will ensure maximum media penetration (don't laugh, they tell me that's a real marketing term), that will surely translate into record breaking sales figures.  
$28 . $2.00 shipping to the US, $4 internationally. All orders will ship via USPS.

These are all made by hand in Canada by Red Dots Cycling. Unlike other handmade caps made in small runs, the fit and finish in these is impeccable. They found enough scraps of the Colombian flag ribbon from previous runs to make these. That means that in order for another run to happen, I'll have to source more ribbon from Colombia in the future.

If you think the price for these is high, please consider that they are expensive to have made, and that they actually do what they're supposed to do (cover your head). I'm looking in your direction Andreas Klier, and I'm referring to the wood chips you're selling on the internet (see here and here) which amazingly don't appear to be an April Fools' joke.

Call now, operators are standing by. Well, not really, so you can send payment via PayPal to: cyclinginquisition - at symbol -

Medium/Large (only size)
22 1/2" - 24" or 57 cm to 60.5 cm if you are of the metric persuasion

If you're unsure as to what size to buy, simply measure the circumference of your head like this lady, to ensure you get the right one. Measure where the bottom of the cap will be worn.