EARPIECES! (The tale of a soothing ringtone in three parts)

Photo: Pez/Ben Atkins

As has been the case with some previous Thursday posts, today's offering is minimal in its length. Having said that, I think it's a crowd-pleaser, at least if you're part of a crowd of people I'm thinking of...namely those who watched last week's panel discussion about doping in cycling at Yale. If you are part of that crowd, you no doubt remember that last cringe-inducing moment. You know the one I'm talking about (the internet certainly does). If you don't go here, fast forward to about 1:21:30 and wait for it.

Now if you're asking why on earth I watched said panel discussion, allow me to remind you that I have a proverbial horse in this race. That horse being me.

While some cycling fans believe that Lemond's victory over Fignon at the 1989 Tour de France is perhaps the greatest moment ever in the sport, I heartily disagree. Why? Because the last few seconds of the panel discussion at Yale will forever remain embedded in my mind...likely to the day when I'm senile, no longer remember who Fignon was, and also have trouble controlling my bodily functions (actually, those last two happen from time to time already, so that's not saying much).

Anyway, it's in the spirit of joy and sharing that I offer all of you this file, which contains a wonderful ringtone (for both Android and iPhone), featuring that all-too familiar voice that we all hear in our sleep these days, the one that reminds us about EARPIECES!

Note: When you get to the page I've linked to, you can download the file for free by hitting the link that looks like the image below. Sorry that it's not easier to identify where to download it from, such are the pages that offer free file hosting services.