Diaper usage at the Tour, and Brian Holm's dubious facial hair.

It's mid-July, and for me (like other cycling fans around the world) that can only mean one thing. No, I'm not talking about watching the Tour. I'm referring to the fact that you have to explain several aspects about professional cycling to them, like the fact that riders don't wear diapers, and don't defecate on themselves (unless they are Matthew Goss ,Marcel Kittel, or Tom Boonen). I say this because this July, like others in the past, the number of people who come to this blog looking for answers about this very question is staggering. For example, here are just a couple of examples, though I ask that you believe me when I tell you that hundreds and hundreds of people end up in this blog every day because they are searching for answers to questions like these:

Personally, I say we continue to keep the aura of mystery around all cyclists and their bathroom habits. This will also help many of you who have trouble explaining to your significant other why you need yet another pair of bib shorts, when you "just bought a pair last year".

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that it's not just the scatological habits of professional cyclists that bring people to the blog. For example, consider the unusual interest in Venezuelan tracksuits, which is an ongoing source of traffic for the blog.

As well as these areas of interest:

But perhaps what's most puzzling about all the questions that visitors to the blog ask is that no one, not a single reader, has asked the most important and pressing question about professional cycling today, which is:

Is Omega Pharma-Quick Stem director sportif Brian Holm the black metal musician who was just arrested in France for suspicion of plotting a massacre? Because the similarities between the two are interesting to say the least.

And with that last tidbit as proof, I think it's fair for all of you to assume that today's post is generally lacking in substance, which is absolutely true. This is in part because I lack talent and general ability, but also because I've been busy tending to several other pressing matters (my piles of money don't count themselves, and fan mail doesn't answer itself you know), but I hope to be back to my usual fighting form soon. The least I can say for myself in this regard is that at least I'm not afraid of writing sub-par blog entries, which is sort of my job about here. If only the same could be said of Thibaut Pinot, a rider which FDJ pays to go fast, but has now admitted that he's afraid of going fast.

"Some people are afraid of spiders or snakes. I'm afraid of speed. It's a phobia,"

At any rate, I hereby leave you with the video below, which will only act as further proof for some of you that this blog has finally jumped the shark. I hope that's not the case, but I simply thought I should share this with you, though I'm well aware of the fatigue that surrounds any and all stories that surround the one whose name we shall not speak. And to some of you, this exchange may be old news. But the topic/s discussed therein are interesting to say the least. I must tell you that the audio is NSFW (in current internet parlance, so put headphones on), and that the topics discussed by comedian and actress April Macie in this story (of her encounter with Mr Armstrong some years back, what she saw, and what he requested during said encounter) might offend some with gentle ears. The visuals are completely safe for work. Enjoy.