Jogging with your miniature horse, and the things that happen inside abandoned cars early in the morning

A few years ago, during a cold, early morning ride, I managed to make it over a long (for me) and rather difficult (for me) climb. I was a couple of hours into the ride, so I decided this was a good time to take a break, in order to eat something. The desolate road I was on had a small gravel lot off to the side, with a few abandoned cars on it. I leaned on the hood of one car, and put my bike up against the car as well.

In an instant, I knew something unusual was going on.

As I placed my rear end on the car, I felt it move. It was a very slight, but repetitive movement, which I suddenly recognized. I looked behind me, into the car, and saw the source of the movement. A man sat on the reclined driver's seat, eyes closed, as a woman leaned over him from the passenger's side, moving in such a manner, and performing an act that was surely the source of the repetitive movement I'd felt on the hood of the car. I jumped up in a hurry, got on my bike, and rode away, wondering if they'd heard me clip in. I also wondered how on earth they hadn't heard me approach the car in the first place. But as I rode home, I figured that when you find yourself inside an abandoned car on the side of the road, doing that sort of thing at 7:30 in the morning, in sub-freezing temperatures, the sound of someone approaching the car you're in is probably the least of your concerns.

Since that incident, I've seen other unusual things during some of my rides, though not many are as memorable as the one I just told you about. I once came upon an abandoned mansion that belonged to Mike Tyson many years ago, which still had his name over the entrance gate. I knew it was in the area, so I didn't completely stumble upon it, but you get my  point. I've come upon makeshift toilets under highway overpasses, and have been propositioned by roadside prostitutes in Spain. I have also seen a woman jogging with her miniature horse. Twice.

So I keep riding when I can, because I enjoy it, but also because I also wonder what I may encounter the next time I get on my bike. I can only imagine that most of you have probably ridden many more miles than I have, and must therefore have some anecdotes of your own. Care to share?

For now, I  leave you with this video of the woman I saw jogging with her miniature horse. And yes, I was going that slow because I wanted to get this video, not because of my lack of ability, talent or general fitness.