Far from perfect

This video is far from being perfect, but has several interesting bits which I thought readers of the blog might enjoy, including profiles of your cyclists in Boyaca, and a bit of history about Colombian cycling. To that end, I tried editing it down, and adding subtitles. Sadly, YouTube pointed out that the video I was trying to upload matched "third party content", and it does.

So since I was unable to cut it down, Spanish speakers will have to make their way through some idiotic banter, and English speakers will have to fast forward a bit to see some nice old black and white footage of Colombian racing in the 1950s. Sorry, I tried.

Some nice profiles of your cyclists start at around 7:40.

Lastly, did you miss on the very last order of the Cycling Inquisition black jerseys? If you did, don't despair. Gage and Desoto has some. There are also a couple of readers looking to sell their size L jerseys, due to them needing an XL instead. So if you're in the market for one, email me and I'll put you in touch with those readers.