A thoroughly thorough interview with United Healthcare's "world class nap-taker" Kiel Reijnen

For the bulk of today's post, you'll need to head over here, to read a very, very thorough interview that I did with Kiel Reijnen for/with Manual For Speed. In said interview, the following topics (among many others) are discussed:

- How his Shimano Sport Camera captured a certain European rider during a stage at the Tour of California talking about how he'd cheated on his wife with a "smoking hot blond". See, on-bike cameras really do give fans more access.

- Why there are wild chickens that run free during races in the Pacific Northwest

- Why he brings dehydrated beef stroganoff to races

Lastly, three notes about the Tour of Utah:

- Did you see Winner Anacona climb? The guy is an amazing talent, and I'll be doing an interview with him soon. And no, his last name is not "Anaconda"

- Bigish stage races in the US that happen during relative lulls in European racing are proof that if you put some climbs in a race, and then provide me with a free, non pixelated feed that I can enjoy online, I'll watch almost anything, and probably like it more than I normally would due to its availability. And if it's in the afternoon, instead of the morning (my time), all the better. I know it takes a huge amount of money to make that kind of availability happen, but to think that the Vuelta a Colombia is happening right now, and no one can see it breaks my heart.

- Chris Horner failed to take time out of Tom Danielson, but his real goals for the end of the season clearly lay elsewhere. But if those goals don't go so well either, will he have to reactivate his "Rentmoolah" eBay account to make ends meet?