Chippandale, The Cash Register, Lipstick, The Gherkin, The Glass Testicle, The Supository. None of these are names that the architects who designed those buildings, or the developers who paid for them, gave them. But they were given by the public based on their appearance. And they stuck. Architect Philip Johnson (who designed the Chippandale and the Lipstick building) always said that he was flattered by the nicknames. He took them as a point of pride. He'd come up with a memorable structure that had struck a chord. 

I guess we should say the same to the designer who came up with Direct Energie's identity....you know, the one with the golden bagels. 

Nutrition and Colombian Cycling

Late last year, I produced an episode of the Olympic Channel's Feed The Flame series. Its focus is on Colombian cycling and nutrition. The International Olympic Committee blocks its content from being embedded in websites, so you'll have to go to YouTube and watch it there. Also, the it's subtitled, so turn on captioning within YouTube. Enjoy. 

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Manzana Postobon

The history of Manzana Postobon as a team (in both its 1980s version, and the current one) mirrors that of Colombian cycling itself.  The team is currently competing in the Vuelta a España, which they knew would be a learning experience for a young and largely inexperienced team. I wrote about the team's history, and a bit about the riders at the Vuelta here. Take a look, and enjoy. 

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Abrazos. A film about Colombian cycling.

Late last year, I helped produce this film for Rapha. It was a lot of work. A lot. But it allowed me to share the country I love so much with new people. One day I'll tell all of you how hard it was to get Lucho Herrera to do his interview. Oh, the stories I can tell...

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